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Kangen Beauty Water – Your Healthy Kangen Water

Kangen Beauty Water

Kangen Beauty Water

Take 10yrs Off the Way You Look Using...

Kangen Beauty Water


Everyone knows that water is an essential component to every aspect of life and Beauty is no different.


We often hear that “Beauty comes from within” and that outward beauty is actually a reflection of inner health and wellness.

Premature aging is the result of dehydration.

When you drink micro-clustered water you are hydrating your cells so they are able to rejuvenate, making the skin more soft, smooth, supple and youthful.

The body is healthiest when alkaline, our skin PH should ideally be around 6.0ph.

Your Kangen Water Machine produces 7 types of water that can be used for various applications –Kangen Beauty Water IS one of them!

Beauty Water has a pH level of 6.0 and can be used externally on your skin to make it feel soft moisturized and hydrated in the same way that creams or lotions would, but. more importantly, without the added chemicals.

Kangen Beauty Water is astringent and oxidative.

Kangen Water causes the contraction of body tissues (which then tightens, softens and provides an environment for healing) which is perfect for the treatment of many common skins conditions known today.

The slightly acidic pH allows it to firm and tone the skin, helping to keep it looking young and youthful and drastically reducing the aging process!

Beauty Water can be used throughout the day, with the use of a spray, on the skin – even over makeup – to refresh and re-hydrate, when used regularly, the results are phenomenal!

Also, when used instead of, or with, conditioner, it will tighten your scalp, detangles, stimulates growth and brings a brilliant shine to your hair.

Kangen Beauty Water has had such impressive results that Stephan Massonat, the renowned make-up artist for Lancome in Hollywood, recommends Kangen Water to all his celebrity clients!

Power publicist Peggy Siegal lets us in on her go-to doctors and beauty experts.


"Innovative water filtration technology that produces ionized alkaline water with a healthy pH for drinking and cooking. Promotes overall health and hydration, removes toxins from your body and decreases bloating because it is more easily absorbed. Vida Emanuel, the owner of the Los Angeles spa, recommended this machine to me three years ago. It’s attached to my kitchen sink. I only drink this purified water"........Read more​​​










Other Kangen Beauty Water Uses:


FACIAL SOAP: Clean your face twice a day and spray after cleaning.

HAIR CONDITIONER: Spray your hair after showering as this conditions your hair and try not to use conditioner of any kind as this "coats" the hair.

TONE SKIN: Use as a final rinse in a shower or bath and this will tone and firm skin.

RASHES, DIAPER/NAPPY: Spray on the skin to soothe and heal rashes.

PETS: Bathe your pets for a more lustrous coat.

PLANTS: Water all your indoor/outdoor plants for vigorous growth. It can also revive plants.

COOKING: Use to boil eggs and pasta.

FREEZER: Spray on foods prior to freezing, this includes fish and shrimp so that they do not lose their flavor.

ANTHOCYANINS: For washing and preparing fruit and vegetables which contain anthocyanins, plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, egg plants/aubergines, soy beans and asparagus.

​FABRIC SOFTENER: Use in the rinse cycle during laundry. Use 1 gallon per load.

Spectacles: Clean the lenses.

CLEANING: Use for windows and mirrors. Replaces all other cleaners.​

Skin Condition Remedies



Rinse thoroughly with 11.5 pH Strong Alkaline Water and remove all excess oils from the skin.

Use non soap cleanser and 4-6 pH Mild Acidic Water

Dab 2.5 pH Strong Acidic Water with a cotton bud on any and all active blemishes or broken skin

Tone with 4-6 pH Water in a bottle with a spray mister

Repeat in the morning and before going to bed.

Tone multiple times a day to keep your skin hydrated.


​Rinse with 11.5 pH Strong Alkaline Water to remove excess oils from the skin.

Cleanse with non soap cleanser and 4-6 pH Mild Acidic Water.

With a cotton bud, dab 2.5 pH Strong Acid Water on any broken skin.​

​Tone 6.5 pH Beauty Water.

Repeat Morning & Night.

Tone multiple times a day to keep your skin hydrated.​


​Rinse with 11.5 pH Strong Alkaline Water to remove all excess oils.

Use a non soap cleanser and 4-6 Mild Acidic Water.

With a cotton bud, dab 2.5 pH Strong Acid Water on any broken skin.

​Tone with 4-6 pH Mild Acidic Water with a bottle with a fine spray mister.

Repeat Morning and Night​.


Cleanse with non soap cleanser and 4-6 pH Mild Acidic Water and pat dry.​

With a cotton bud, dab 2.5 pH Strong Acidic water on any broken skin and leave to dry.

​Hydrate the skin with 4-6 pH Mild Acidic water from a bottle with a fine spray mist setting.

Repeat after each change.

Prevent Baby Rashes by making sure your baby is properly hydrated with 8.5/9.5 Alkaline Drinking Water.

Replace Baby Wipes with a container filled with soft clothes or unbleached paper towels and Mild Acidic water. Use these to cleanse the Diaper/Nappy area each time you change your baby, pat dry and then apply a very fine mist to the skin. This assists in keeping the pH balance of the skin.


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