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Alkaline Water and Alkalised Water 2 totally different types of water.

Alkalized and Alkaline Water you must know the difference…..

In the last few weeks, I’ve have had people tell me that they are drinking alkaline water by putting alkaline drops in their water, is that the same thing as alkalized water?http://yourhealthykangenwater.com/kangen-water-demonstrations-in-the-uk/glasgowlive

The answer is a “big” NO.

You have to understand that not all alkaline waters are the same.

I have said this many times.

There are 2 types of alkaline water they are alkaline water which is chemically induced and then there is the best water, Kangen Water which is alkalized water as it has been electrically induced.

So what does that mean?

First of all true alkalized water has three properties to them, -ORP, Alkalinity, Micro-clustering you have to have all three to have the best water in the world.

Alkaline water has synthetic minerals in the water (minerals that are put into the water by drops or powder) plus it has no negative charge to it, that means it’s not micro-clustered, molecules are too big to hydrate the cell and it is not able to flush out all the acid build up in your cells.

Alkalized water has all three properties, negative charge, Alkalinity, micro-clustered. In addition, it has the ability to flush out the acid build up in your 75 trillion cells too but your body in a slightly alkaline environment for better health.

Alkalized water has ionic minerals that are bonded to each OH- ion this is very important, this makes one of the best sources of antioxidants you can put in your body for a healthy immune system.

How do you prove this? simple, test your alkaline water with an ORP meter that will measure the water for either a negative charge or a positive charge and if it reads a positive charge it is acidic to your body in other words you are poisoning yourself slowly the other word for it is aging.

You have to drink the right water and you have to know that all waters are not the same.

Alkaline Water is Not Kangen Water as it is Alkalised!
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Kangen Water UK – Drugs Contamination In Tap Water

Kangen Water UK – Drugs Contamination In Tap Water


We have a tendency to take our drinking tap water for granted and assume that water contamination will be taken care of by our local authorities. We need to change the way we think in this regard because budgets for water treatment are drying up and the use of recycled water is now becoming more common. At Your Healthy Kangen Water UK we no longer just think of water as a gift from Mother Nature that will always be there when we need it, but rather as an industry and commodity which needs investment!

Here is how the contamination in tap water begins.

The drugs and personal care products we use in our daily lives are excreted from our bodies or we wash them off during our daily cleaning rituals. We often dump them down the sink . We’re not counting the drugs in our drinking water here, that people intentionally flush down their toilets or put down their sinks when they dispose of them.

So, all of this, yes, all of this ends up as sewage which flows into sewer systems and septic tanks.

But where does it go from there?

Although the waste goes through treatment plants, the current local water processing systems that are used in just about every town and city in the United Kingdom, are not set up to deal with the volume and types of environmental waste that we create, inadvertently, every day.

​Many more scientists are now seeing water management as a critical issue, and are beginning to monitor the impact that Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in our tap water have on our health. PPCPs detected in drinking water are on the rise.


Germany is leading the way with regard to PPCPs in water waste monitoring. The studies they have conducted during the last 10yrs has confirmed the presence of PPCP waste in their treated and untreated sewage. It has also been found in surface water, aquifer groundwater and tap water in general. According to a March 2000 report at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco, water samples taken from forty rivers and streams in Germany turned up the chemical residues of over thirty one different types of PPCPs.

According to the Associated Press, there are on average 41 million Americans who are drinking antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones from their tap water. In addition to the drugs found in the drinking water previously stated above, the list also includes beta-blockers, hypnotics, antineoplastics, bronchodilators, antibiotics, antiseptics, cleaning solvents, sunscreen ingredients, caffeine, blood lipid regulators, hospital X-ray contrast agents and fragrances.

This is NOT ONLY happening in America!

Researchers are concerned by the chemicals which are leaking from septic tanks, and are escaping entirely intact, almost, from sewage treatment plants and are making their way into our homes. We also need to think about the increasingly high amount of chemical wastes that leak into streams from farms. The EPA says, “With advances in technology that improved the ability to detect and quantify these chemicals, we can now begin to identify what effects, if any, these chemicals have on human and environmental health.”

There have, so far, been no conclusions about the actual effects PPCPs have on either the environment or your health.

The long-term affect on us humans from what are commonly known as sub-therapeutic doses of numerous drugs, as well as other substances not meant to be ingested, remains to be seen. This becomes a very major issue in areas where water is in short supply, because there will be more ‘reuse’ of treated sewage water intended to meet drinking water needs. This increases the more than likelihood of exposure to PPCPs which will end up in tap water, and therefore in the bodies of those who are exposed to this type of water.

More research is required to ensure safe water supplies in the future.

So until then, we are basically on our own to protect ourselves in the best way we know how.

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Kangen Water and the removal of Fluoride from Tap Water

Fluoride Removal.

Here’s how an SD-501 works and why it makes sense that it can remove a very significant amount of fluoride, – perhaps even better than mechanical filtration. fluoride YourHealthyKangenWater.comfluoride YourHealthyKangenWater.comfluoride YourHealthyKangenWater.comfluoride YourHealthyKangenWater.com

The SD-501 changes the structure of your water using electricity and chemistry.

Which transforms the water and it can be used for different purposes depending upon the electrical charge.  This explanation may seem long and complex at first but if you follow along one step at a time it will become very easy to understand.

This explanation may seem a bit long and rather complex at first but if you follow along a step at a time it will become very easy to understand.

The SD-501 splits  H2O into OH- and H+. In other words, it’s always making two different types of water at the same time). When an SD-501 is ionizing water

In other words, it’s always making two different types of water at the same time. When an SD-501 is ionizing water

When an SD-501 is ionizing water it’s making these two types of water at the same time, i.e. it’s splitting H2O into two different types of water,  a negatively charged water, and a positively charged water.

The negatively charged water is the alkaline drinking water.

Here are the two types of water the SD-501 is making at the same time.

  1. OH- water  is  negatively charged alkaline water for drinking.
  2. H+ water  is positively charged  acidic water used for other purposes.

Fluoride is a negatively charged ion and it’s found in various minerals especially fluorite.

Healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium are positively charged.

Even a school child knows, from basic electricity, magnets, and chemistry that oppositely charged particles are attracted to each other.

Particles that have the exact same charge repel each other.

Therefore when the SD-501 splits filtered tap water into OH- negatively charged drinking water and H+ positively charged water, the negatively charged fluoride is attracted to the H+ water, that you don’t drink, and repels it from the OH- alkaline water.

Healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium that are positively charged they are attracted to the OH- drinking water.

I believe that the slower you run the water, the more fluoride is removed.


Because I’ve noticed that the slower I run the water through my SD-501, the more calcium I see in the OH-  alkaline drinking water.

Even at full speed, about a gallon per minute, there is far more calcium present in the OH- alkaline water than there is in the H+ acidic water.

As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen any mineral deposits in the H+ acidic water, that’s not for drinking, even if I do process the water as fast as possible.

All of the positively charged healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium  are concentrated in the OH- drinking water.

Perhaps then,  most or all of the negatively charged unhealthy fluoride is attracted to the H+ positively charged water, even when at full speed.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

You can see the dissolved positively charged minerals begin to stick to each other and to the sides of the glass if you leave the OH- alkaline drinking water sitting in a container for a long time.

On the other hand, I have never witnessed mineral deposits in the H+ acidic water. Therefore it’s logical to assume  that a significant amount of negatively charged, harmful ions such as  fluoride is being removed from the OH- drinking water, – even if you process the water at the fastest speed.

Therefore I think it’s logical to assume  that a significant amount of negatively charged, harmful ions such as  fluoride are being removed from the OH- drinking water, even if you process the water at the fastest possible speed.

I therefore, think it’s also logical to assume that the slower you run the water, and  the longer it takes to ionize it, and the greater the electrical charge, then the more fluoride is repelled from the OH- alkaline water that you drink and the more fluoride is attracted to the H+ acidic water that you don’t drink.

Whether or not fluoride is removed, one thing I know for sure.

I feel great when I drink Kangen Water® and I feel terrible when I don’t have it for a few days.  Try it for 30 days and see what it does for you.

If you have high levels of fluoride in your drinking water, I recommend that you read this article several times to thoroughly understand the basic science Of Kangen Water and the removal of Fluoride from Tap Water.


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