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Blog | Your Healthy Kangen Water - Part 31

Shiny Objects

336x280_7For some time now I have been looking for a way to remove myself from “Shiny Object” syndrome’

If you are a Network Marketer you know exactly what I mean.

Some of them though, I have been very successful with, +2000 down line in one, and top of the leader board for months in another.

For quite a few years I have been involved in probably most of the new “Shiny Objects” that have appeared Online, almost monthly, and the end result is always the same, a bit of money earned, more people on the list, and on to the next one.

That has been it for about 4/5 years.

Early this year a good friendĀ  announced to his OnlineĀ  Associates that he was no longer going to be involved in MLM and was moving on with a Business that he started just over a year ago.

I was not surprised at this decision as he had been making great inroads with his chosen “Big Ticket Item” and I was really pleased that he was continuing on this upward path.

Not long after he had started this new venture last year, I met up with him in a service station in the north of England, to chat about something totally different, and he gave me a DVD and some information on his new business.

I did read and watch the DVD, but decided against it, not because of the product or the Compensation plan, both were and still are excellent, probably the best Comp plan of any company online, and I’ve seen a few, I can tell you.

He did try on various occasions to get me to reconsider, but I held out, remember I had ALL these new “Shiny Objects” to attend to.

Then early this year I read one of his Blog Posts, where he was informing his readers that they had greatly reduced the cost of the Machine and that got me thinking.

It was now lodged into that space between my ears and remained there for several months as I moved round and around in the hamster wheel of HYIP, REV Shares, and Matrixes.

Now lately some of my “Shiny Objects” have not been performing to well, apart from RCC, PWG and some others, but some of them have just gone totally belly up, leaving me with a rather large shortfall of “readies” coming through the letter box.

Considering what to do about this, I was going to continue straight into another, oh you know what they are called now, but I didn’t I sat back and took stock, a BIG Stocktake, and decided that it was time I finally moved on and laid my hat down on something that was, reliable, worldwide and had a PRODUCT, a Real Product, something that could be seen and used, not down loaded!! lol

Right out from that space between my ears came my friends Big Ticket, it still took about 2 weeks to totally surface, but out it came, and today, by reading this post, you can see exactly what it is and where I am laying down my hat for the foreseeable future.

Those of you who have been with me these last 6/7 years know that I don’t generally go overboard on all the hype and BS that generally accompanies a pitch, and I most definitely don’t have to on this one, I am going to let this product and it’s Compensation Plan completely and totally sell itself.

All I will say is that at long last I feel as though I have found something that I will be able to Market for Years and Years to come.

So folks, friends and visitors alike, have a good look around check out what Kangen Water Home Business is all about and if you need any more Info, you know you only have to ask.

I am no longer stuck in the Hamster’s Wheel.








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