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A Happy Enagic Kangen Water UK New Year!

Happy New Year from Enagic Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizers

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Your Healthy Kangen® Water readers and subscribers a Happy and Prosperous New Year

At this time of year many of us take some time to reflect on the year just past and start to make new resolutions and goals for the New Year to come.

I have personal and lifestyle goals for 2018 that I am really looking forward to attaining but, right now, I wanted to share with you a business goal.

My Enagic Kangen Water business is enabling me to help many people improve their health and also their personal finances.

I am an internet marketer that is my recent background, I have been in companies with over 2000 in my down line and top of the leader boards for months and months in others.

Now I just share what I know about the miracle of Your Healthy Kangen Water from my Computer at home!.

I am in Home every day sharing information about the water from my Desktop, Laptop, and Iphone.

I also enjoy the opportunities to do live demonstrations of the water in people's homes, or hotels or halls nearby them, and trainings for my team and prospects.

So… what is my goal in 2018!

I intend to help a minimum of 5 people to be as independent as I am, from their own home computers, by sharing the miracle of Kangen Water from their kitchen counter.

I am especially excited because our company, Enagic, is going to be opening an office in London, United Kingdom, in 2018 and that means we are in Pre-Launch. So right now our team are putting in extra effort to begin 2018 with a bang.

So if you haven't joined us, now is the time to make that big decision and make 2018 the year you get healthy and wealthy with Kangen Water.

We have over 200 members in our team worldwide now.

We have helped 5 teams reach the top of our food chain this year, becoming Enagic 6a Distributors!

That means they have sold over 100 machines within their teams and made at least $50k!

From now on they can look forward to huge rewards as they duplicate at $1710 a time.

My Special January 2018 Offer is if you purchase a Kangen Water Machine from me in January and begin to enjoy the benefits of Kangen Water this is what you will receive:

1. I will create a website for you, just like this one you are reading now, including domain name purchase, hosting, and a premium wordpress theme, completely FREE$995 value!

2. You will have all my valuable email newsletter copy for the auto-responder that I recommend – which is crammed full of reports and qualified information on the water and its amazing health and wealth qualities

3. I will send FREE traffic to your site from the area where you live, this will start to populate your newsletter and provide prospects.

4. FREE Access to our exclusive Kangen Member Site with literally tons of information on how you can build a successful Kangen Water Business On and Offline!

5. My personal support to help you with your Kangen Business, to guide you through the first few weeks until you are up and running!

Our Kangen Team of distributors are unique.

No-one else in the world is doing what we do.

As a matter of fact lots of Enagic Kangen Water distributors from other teams, around the World, are asking us how we do what we do, building an Enagic business online and offline together.

So now this is your chance to bring Active Good Health into YOUR home for YOUR family and friends and begin to change your financial future also.

Enagic Kangen Water has already created millionaires and it will continue to do so in 2018, as this amazing water is still so new to so many people in the world and especially here in the United Kingdom

1 in 5 homes in Japan have a water ionizer and they are the longest living people on Earth!!.

There is not even 1 in 50,000 homes in the rest of the world that have one!

This presents a huge opportunity for us!

January, February, and March are the busiest months online, so get started NOW!

Email: Alex@WaterWealthy.com


+1 347 345 2546 

+44 (0) 75 994 339 75

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